About Dr. Jinsiwale

Dr Jinsiwale is the pioneer surgeon in joint replacement surgery with latest technique. Till date he has done more than 2000 joints and he has been doing these surgeries for last 30 years.

He has started medical tourism since 2010 in Joint Replacement Surgery.
Dr Jinsiwale’s specialization includes Joint Replacement Surgeries & Resurfacing Surgeries of the Hip, Knee, Shoulder & 5Elbow Joints (which includes primary & revision surgeries )

Academic Qualifications

MBBS, MS (Ortho), Dip M.V.S (Sweden), F.S.O.S

Trained at

  • European Surgical Institute Hamburg (Germany),
  • Chula Long Lab, Thailand
  • United Kingdom,
  • United States of America,
  • Australia,
  • Sweden
  • Vienna, Austria


Area of Specialization

• Computerized Navigated Knee Replacement
• Patient Specific Technology
• Total Knee Replacement
• Total Hip Replacement
• Arthroscopy
• Spine Surgery

Publications, Lectures and Paper Presentation

Multiple Publications, lectures and Paper Presentation at Renowned Institutes of India and Abroad.

For Appointment
Please Call
: 9165007134/ 7049066226/ 0731-2533388

For Surgical patients: 07566661105

Counseling Helpline: 09827015082

Clinical Examination


During Operation