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Ligament Repair and Reconstruction Surgeries

ACL: ACL is a short form of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries, and is one of the most popular knee injuries in the world. Sprain and tearing of the muscles in the knee come under this category. Athletes participating in intensive games are prone to ACL. Usually, people undergo surgery to restore full functionality of the knee, but doctors recommend this step only after serious consideration.

The most common causes of ACL are:

  1. Rapidly changing direction
  2. Stopping suddenly
  3. Slowing down while in motion
  4. Incorrect landing while jumping
  5. Direct collision, for example a football tackle

Symptoms of ACL include:

  1. Problems while walking
  2. Tenderness along the line of the joint
  3. Losing full range motion with time
  4. Intense pain and swelling

PCL: The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is placed behind the knee. Its role is to prevent the extra backward movement of the tibia. A powerful force is necessary to injure the PCL. It is commonly seen that people injure their PCL by hitting or falling on the knee, and thereby bending it. Since it is difficult to injure the PCL, its evaluation is quite challenging.

Causes of PCL injuries:

  1. A direct hit to the anterior portion of the knee
  2. Stretching or pulling of the ligament
  3. Stepping wrongly while walking

Symptoms of PCL injuries:

  1. Immense pain with swelling
  2. Difficulty in walking
  3. Feeling as if the knee is unstable and might “give out”

Meniscus: Meniscus tears are one of the most popular knee injuries, especially among athletes. A point to remember, is that meniscus tears can happen to people of any age. When experts talk about a torn cartilage in the knee, they usually refer to torn meniscus. The menisci tears in a variety of ways. The tears are identified by their look and the location. Flap, handle and radial are some popular tears. Athletes tear their meniscus in addition to knee injuries, like anterior cruciate ligament tears.Treatment is important for a speedy recovery.

Causes of Meniscus Tears:

Squats, and twisting of the knee while playing sports or doing rigorous activities are what mostly cause meniscus tears. Senior adults are prone to this kind of tear, as the cartilage wears thin and weaken with passing time.

Symptoms of meniscus tear:

  1. Slight or immense pain, depending when the menisci tore
  2. Swelling and stiffness
  3. Catching of the knee
  4. Feeling of “giving away” in the knee
  5. Inability to move the knee completely

MPFL:Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) is a ligament which is responsible for attaching the patella (kneecap) to the inside of the knee. It helps in keeping the knee stabilized during motion, preventing its dislocation. Due to the dislocation of the kneecap, the MPFL is injured, as seen in most cases. Surgery is recommended when the injury is severe, but if the dislocation is frequent, doctors go for the reconstruction of the ligament using a graft from another one. After the surgery, the knee will not be able to move for a few weeks. Following a rehabilitation and physical therapy, the recovery time takes around five months.