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Tendon Repair Surgeries

Tendon Repair Surgeries: A tendon repair surgery is conducted for repairing torn or damaged tendons. Due to tendon damage, movement of the body is limited and the affected area feels painful and weak. The surgery is useful for patients having tendon injuries and finding it extremely difficult to move their joint properly. The areas likely to face tendon issues are elbows, shoulders, knees, fingers, and ankles. It is possible that the tendon is a result of a laceration (cut) which goes past the skin and affects the tendon directly. Athletes involve in rigorous sports, like rugby, are prone to tendon injuries.

The methodology in a tendon repair surgery is very simple. The surgeon makes multiple incisions in the skin, right over the damaged tendon. Then the torn ends of the tendon are sewn together. Checks are done to ensure no more damaged tendons are left and the surgery has not injured the surrounding blood vessels or nerves. The incision is closed and the area is bandaged. The joint is splint to allow the tendon to heal.

SST repair (Shoulder):

TA Repair (Ankle):