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Cervical Spine Disorders

These are generally the illnesses which affect the cervical spine and are made up of the upper first seven vertebrae that encase and shields the spinal cord. This fragment of the spinal cord begins with the region that is above the shoulder blades and ends by supporting and connecting to the skull. This cervical spine constitutes of many different anatomic compositions namely the muscles, ligaments, bones and the joints. All these structures do have the nerve endings which can detect the painful problems when they occur. If this cervical spine is injured, it can cause numerous minor or traumatic problems and also these injuries do very specifically and are called “cervical spine disorders” as a whole.


Numbness: It generally occurs when one develops a ‘pinched’ nerve not allowing the flow of the electrical charges that may result in the death of the nerve fiber.

Weakness: Due to the compression of nerves that encompasses the cervical spine disorders, an individual becomes weak and results in the inability to move or use the arms. People who suffer from such a problem should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


  • Neck pains: Pain in the neck area tend to be tenacious and persistent and most of the muscles in the cervical spinal region tightens and cause discomfort.
  • Headaches: a Headache is triggered through the stiffness of neck muscles, which pull at their attachment to the skull. They are recurrent in nature and begins from the base of the skull and emanate upwards, also can be painful or mild.
  • Pain in the arms:  Muscular spasms within the arm are common symptoms in which such spasms are seen right above the collarbones and pressure is placed on the Brachial plexus that causes arms to feel heavy and ache.
  • Difficult walking Hardships arise when issues with walking, balancing, and posture are affected due to the spinal cord being compressed resulting in Myelopathy.
  • Those with extremely severe outcomes results in Impairment.
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