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Ankle Surgeries

Ankle can get hurt for many reasons. In our daily life we walk, run and move our ankle. Primarily ankle injuries or fractures come under sports injury but it is not mandatory for a human being to be an athlete to get ankle injuries. It may happen suddenly without any particular reason you feel a continuous pain in your ankle. Mainly there are three kinds of injuries or trauma available for the ankle, fractures, sprains and strains. Now the ankle fracture can happen due to many reasons. It fractures only means break or crack in the bone of the ankle. Whether, the sprain means there are certain damage to the ligaments like it has been stretched out beyond normal range.


Revision surgery of the ankle also knows as revision Ankle replacement surgery or total revision ankle replacement. It is a well-known medical term. Ankle replacement on the other hand has improved a lot than previous time. Now the success rate is much higher but it is still very low of we compare it to hip and knee replacement. The revision ankle replacement surgery totally depends on the condition of the previous ankle replacement surgery like what’s the condition of the instrumentations. What was the prosthetic design and other related information is needed for the revision ankle replacement surgeries. Deformity below or at the ankle can be the primary reason for a revision surgery.