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Humerus (ARM)

Complex trauma is the key reason behind a fractured Humerus. The upper bone in the arm can get broken for various reasons. Especially a sudden trauma or a pressure can create crack in the upper arm bone. The fracture can be categorized by knowing the location in the proximal region, mid region and distal region. They are located respectively near the shoulder, shaft and near the elbow. Now the locations can also be classified by looking at the amount of fracture to the Humerus and the affected area. Extreme physical stress, pressure and falls can result in a complex trauma or fracture to the Humerus.


Humerus revision surgery, also known as the revision Humerusarthroplasty surgery is a medical surgery process. The surgery occurs when a previous upper arm bone arthroplasty surgery fails due to numerous reasons. Due to advanced technology and significant improvements on medical equipment, the chances of a successful Humerusarthroplasty has gone much higher these days. But still, if patients feel unexplainable abnormality on the humorous area like difficulty in moving it after the first surgery then they should consult a doctor or orthopaedic surgeon. The will put the humorous through various tests to identify the real cause behind the problem. In some cases they may suggest a revision surgery for the upper arm bone.