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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement: Also known as replacement arthroplasty, joint replacement surgery is an orthopaedic surgery where a dysfunctional or an arthritic joint is replace with a prosthesis. This is a surgery in which immense joint pain is addressed by conducting a less aggressive therapy. Joint surgery is done on various parts of the body, having joints which are crucial for the well-being of the person. These surgeries are usually done on the hips, knee, ankle, finger, and shoulder.

A host of pre-anaesthetic work is necessary before conducting a joint replacement surgery. These include urine tests, ECG, blood tests, and hematology. Since maximum patients require blood transfusion, cross matching of blood is also done to ensure a successful operation. Accurate x-ray reports, implant designing and selection are also important parts of a typical joint replacement surgery. After the surgery, all that is left is several weeks of controlled functioning and rehabilitation. The improvement is kept slow, so as to ensure its longevity, and test the endurance of the patient post-surgery. The aim of modern practice, is to make the patients mobile as soon as possible, and provide them with walking aids if necessary. Always consult an expert in the field of joint replacement to ensure speedy recovery.