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Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery

Historically, a surgery that only a few decades ago was incredibly invasive–with a large volume of blood loss, long stays in the Intensive Care Unit and extensive recovery periods–it has changed considerably today. Worldwide, surgeons perform deformity correction surgery using minimally invasive principles that result in condition resolution, lower operational risks, lower complications, and faster cure. Specifically with scoliosis deformity correction, very small incisions take a direct lateral approach to the spine–usually just one inch in length on the side of the abdomen to begin with. The spine is carefully accessed through these small incisions and the intervertebral disks involved are removed. At each spinal level involved, a spacer is placed in the disk space to correct and restore the tilting of the discs caused by the scoliosis to their original height.

The recovery process is different for each patient for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery. While some people take longer to heal than others, in six weeks, many patients are often able to return to full activity. A strong focus on following the aftercare instructions from your doctor as well as a concerted physical therapy effort often help many patients to shorten the recovery period.


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