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Uni-compartmental Knee Arthroplasty

It is a surgical procedure which is used to relieve arthritis in one of the knee compartments in which the damaged parts of the knee are being substituted. This type of surgery may reduce the post-operative pain and also have a shorter recovery period than a total knee replacement procedure. It is found particularly in people over 75 years of age and they require a smaller incision, less tissue damage and faster recovery times.

Basically, this type of knee arthroplasty is found to be suitable for people with the moderate joint disease which is caused by the painful osteoarthritis or the traumatic injury- a history of many unsuccessful surgical procedures or the poor bone density is to be found which precludes the other types of knee surgeries.


  • People may have an active or suspended infection in or about the knee joint.
  • They may have a known sensitivity to devise materials.
  • They may have bone infections or diseases which particularly results in an inability to support or to fixate the new implant to the bone.
  • They may have inflammatory arthritis and also may have major deformities which can affect the knee mechanical axis.
  • They may have neuromuscular disorders which may compromise motor control or stability or have any mental neuromuscular disorders or are obese.
  • Have lost a severe amount of bone from the shin or have severe tibial deformities
  • May have a recurring subluxation of the knee joint.
  • Have untreated damage to the kneecap and thigh bone joint or have untreated damage to the opposite compartment or the same side of the knee not being replaced by a device.
  • Have an instability of the knee ligaments such that the postoperative stability the UKA would be compromised.

Orderly, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) should be intact and in contraindicated for people with the ACL- deficient knees because the lateral component has more motion as compared to the medial compartment.


Know When Revision Hip Replacement is Recommended

Total hip replacement is considered to be one of the most successful surgeries of all time. Usually, people live an active life without hassles and debilitating pain. However, the hip replacement might fail for numerous reasons after being considered successful. In this case, a revision hip surgery is recommended, where either the part, or the entire prosthesis is replaced. The bone surrounding the hip is then rebuilt with the help of augments (pieces of metal which substitute for the bone) or a bone graft. The doctor can also choose to prefer a specialized implant to replace the original one, if the original one becomes the root of the pain.