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Ways to recover quickly after joint replacement surgery

Do Prehab before undergoing surgery

Prehab actively prepares for surgery through the activities, lessons, exercises (and more) that have been shown to reduce your risk and improve your outcome. For example, it would be considered a PreHab activity to spend 10 minutes per day in the weeks leading up to your surgery to perform knee stability exercises.

Know the red flags

Recognizing the signs that your recovery may be taking a turn for the worse after surgery is critical. However, distinguishing between regular ol’ post-op healing and abnormal symptoms can be difficult. Watching for the red flags can save you from infection and prevent complications from getting worse. Although severe complications are rare after surgery to replace the hip and knee, they can occur and could often have been prevented.

Ask for help and support

Surprisingly, requesting assistance and support is something that many people are struggling with in recovery. After surgery, people don’t want to feel like they’re a burden on loved ones (or care teams), so often they try to go it alone. However, not having caretakers and peers ‘ physical and emotional support after surgery may leave patients in recovery feeling stressed, isolated, alone, and depressed.

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